Attention busy, and passionate, managers and leaders:

Brown-Bag Leadership Lunch Seminar

The Power of Authentic Leadership

This lunch-time seminar presents leadership secrets [...and proven processes and practices] to help you become an even more effective relationship builder, develop greater resilience to meet any demand, and be your true self in all situations …

In this exclusive, live lunch-time seminar, you’ll learn:

  • The #1 leadership strength that gets clients (managers and peers) fully on board to work with you more effectively (plus a step-by-step blueprint for how to achieve it).
  • What exactly is “authentic” leadership – and, more importantly, how you build and sustain it.
  • How to steer through gnarly conflicts that get in the way of your work, your projects (and your performance).
  • How you can accelerate your capacity to make vital decisions – especially under pressure.


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You’re going to enjoy this seminar especially if …

  • You walked away from a situation and thought you could have handled it much differently
  •  You’ve ever experienced nervousness with senior clients or managers
  • You occasionally doubt your own confidence,  particularly when under pressure
  •  You’re unclear about how to bring your whole self to the table
  • You feel frustrated by things coming at you from “left field” that cause outcomes you never expected

You don’t have to struggle to make your way through these kinds of challenges. I look forward to helping you get started on a rapid pathway to solve seemingly unsolvable problems and take your leadership to the next level. 

With best wishes for your success,

“I’ve helped 100’s of busy managers and leaders effectively work with clients, teams, peers and upper managers with the Power of Authentic Leadership…”

Here’s what people are saying:

Ben Barlow  General Manager Datacom Systems Ltd

Ben Barlow
General Manager
Datacom Systems Ltd

“I’m soaring and so is my team, financially and personally..”

Since working with Jon, I’ve gained a perspective I hadn’t had before. I’m able to conceptualise important aspects of my work and life that I needed to understand at a higher level. I am now more balanced, focused and in flow, with a deeper understanding of my capability and strengths. I am calmer and very motivated, thinking quickly on my feet to make critical decisions. This work has not only provided a critical strategic viewpoint and the tools that I needed, but the means to become fully engaged in both my professional and personal life. Working with Jon is high value that far exceeds the cost!

Yvonne Mclean Owner & Lawyer StrategicDirection.co.nz (Programme Director,  NZ Global Women, Women in Leadership Initiative)

Yvonne Mclean
Owner & Lawyer
(Programme Director,
NZ Global Women, Women in Leadership Initiative)

“I’ve experienced liberating breakthroughs in my work and life…”

Before working with Jon, I was working strenuously to launch my new business. Now I’m mindful about what I’m doing, better at looking after myself with improved boundary setting. The affirmations and visualization of doing things effortlessly are clearly helping me establish unexpected new work.

The biggest breakthrough has been in dealing with people I would have previously found difficulty in confronting. After working with Jon’s authentic leadership processes and practices, I’m feeling a new vibrancy and sense of being completely at peace with myself. I am voicing myself much more powerfully. It’s a liberating experience.

Roy Johnson Company Director

Roy Johnson
Company Director

“I’m on track with my business and financial goals this year…”

Before working with Jon, I was putting in a lot of effort, and not seeing consistent results.

Every manager and leader should know about Jon’s work and benefit from it. It is multifaceted, integrated and simply extraordinary! I’ve learned more about myself and gone deeper into all aspects of my capacity to live and work with authenticity, prosperity, meaning and happiness. Jon’s work is legendary!

Melanie Purdey Team Leader Advisor Medical Assurance Society

Melanie Purdey
Team Leader Advisor
Medical Assurance Society

“I’ve vastly improved my decision-making process, and lifted my leadership to a new level…”

Since working with Jon, I have come away with useful and highly valuable tools that have led to a vast improvement in my decision-making process in my role and with my teams.

I now have the key tools to know how to consistently be reflective about my leadership and communication style – both of which have lifted to a new level with outstanding results. I always come away from our meetings with renewed clarity as to my direction, highly useful tools and great value! More than that, I feel lighter and carry a peace that positively affects all of my interactions.

Dean Ogilvie Associate Product Manager Pfizer New Zealand

Dean Ogilvie
Associate Product Manager
Pfizer New Zealand

“I’ve experienced big shifts and fresh energy for my role…”

With Jon, I am learning new tools, and thinking about my role in the business. There have been some big shifts internally, bringing to the surface things I have known intuitively. I’m well prepared to perform at peak in big events and to bring these qualities into the company strategy.

This work has helped me to increase my sense of vision and balance, and to reduce stress. I am able to share ideas and download concerns in a highly safe and trusting environment. This work has helped me to integrate my personal and professional life, to find fresh energy for the work ahead, and utilize my intuition in new ways to achieve outstanding results. 

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