Lightpoint™ Framework

LightpointAspice venturo laetentur ut omnia! Look how they are full of joy at the age to come!” – Virgil

Lightpoint™ is Sephira Executive’s central transformational change framework. Lightpoint™ equips leaders with evolutionary processes, practices and resources to translate their vision into effective action while sustaining themselves, others and our world.

A new zone of thinking about leadership
Lightpoint™ is especially designed for leaders who are ready to explore and engage at the forefront of what it means to be an authentic, conscious, and inspirational leader. The power of this technology is that it takes leaders into a new zone of thinking about leadership.

It is tailored to equip leaders to engage with current issues , needs and influences in new and different ways that create a quantum leap in thinking and solutions.

Leaders map their way through rapidly changing environments using innovative strategies that result in exceptional:

  • decision-making
  • communication
  • interactions
  • creativity
  • innovation

What Lightpoint™ offers you
Expected outcomes from this powerful and transformative technology include:

  • Renewing your strength as leader
  • Discovering new ways for vision and values to influence leadership and positive cultural change
  • Achieving greater understanding of how positive expectation, communication and feedback inspire high-performance individuals and teams

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