Vision, Mission, Purpose

Our Vision, Mission, Purpose

Our intention is to support forward-thinking leaders to create true wealth that improves the quality of life for current and future generations and commits to a sustainable world.

Our visiona world in balance and harmony in which the needs of all are met – leaders and organizations, people and planet.

Our contribution to this vision is both practical and aspirational. We walk with leaders who are ready to transform their business and their lives, and to bring a greater quality of leadership and service that can radiate from organization to community to globe.

Our missionwe are catalysts dedicated to serve and support leaders, organizations and their people to optimize their passion and innate potential for full engagement and conscious evolution.

True Wealth

We envision ‘true wealth’ as a multi-bottom-line approach that encompasses social, environmental, cultural, spiritual and economic prosperity and wellbeing for all.

Our focus is to help leaders create true wealth through transformative thinking and integrated practices that embrace a new paradigm in authentic leadership and conscious prosperity.

The NEW Paradigm

“Every few hundred years in Western history there occurs a sharp transformation. Within a few short decades, society (its worldview, basic values, political structure, its arts and key institutions) rearranges itself. Fifty years later there is a new world… We are currently living through such a transformation.”
               – Peter F. Drucker (1909 – 2005) Management Guru

In the last decade, clients have come to us seeking more than strategic advice, organizational counsel, and ways to meet the economic bottom line. Beyond vision, strategy and decisions, leaders are facing a new paradigm. From our experience, there is an urgency in two rapidly emerging directions:

1-   A quest for greater meaning and balance in their personal development and leadership capacity

2-   A desire to step forward to make a greater difference to social and environmental challenges in local communities and the wider world

This is truly a sea change in the way leaders see their role and that of their organizations. This authentic readiness for transformative thinking is opening minds, hearts and wills to create personal, business and societal change. Jon Winder and Sephira leaders provide distinctive services, programs, processes and practices that help leaders work effectively and meaningfully within this new paradigm.

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