Diane M. Winder

Diane Mārama Winder

Diane Mārama Winder is Co-founder, Director, Senior Advisor and Advocate for the Sephira Institute. Born in America, she has been living in New Zealand for nearly 20 years. She was given the name Whētu Mārama by Māori elders in 1999 and holds deep respect for the people of the land (tangata whenua) as well as her various teachers across traditions and colleagues across cultures.

For many decades, Mārama was involved in specialist communications, participatory and transformational change, and expanding human potential with leaders and organizations around the world. Previously, she was president of Hendrickson Consulting Group Inc., a knowledge management consultancy she founded to support bioscience and healthcare organizations helping people with serious or life-threatening medical conditions. In 2001 she underwent a transformation of her life and work. Her focus at the Sephira Institute encompasses conscious leadership, sustainability, spiritual development and advocacy for social, ecological and cultural justice. Mārama writes and speaks on how we might restore our connection to land, culture and spirit. She has written or co-written over 200 published works in science, medicine, sustainability and inclusive spiritualities. Known as a voice for hope, she delivers workshops, lectures and seminars on contemporary issues at this momentous time of great challenge and change.

She brings together her diverse background as a biologist and advisor in several capacities for a wide range of local communities and international groups. She has worked with the United Nations, Auckland Interfaith Council, Sustainable North Trust, NGOs, non-profits and other organizations that translate vision into action for our collaborative and compassionate collective future and for reweaving our relationships to our planet, each other and the community of life now and for generations to come. Marama and Jon divide their time between New Zealand and New England, US.

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