Liberating Greatness


Liberating Greatness Within
Puhia te pu rakau

The essence of Sephira’s work is in equipping leaders to liberate their inner greatness in order to harness their authenticity, inspire exceptional levels of energy in the workplace, increase a strong sense of meaning and purpose, and inspire peak performance and prosperity. Such leaders consistently hone their knowledge and skills in an evolving and transformative process of enlightened learning, growth and liberation. As our circular logo conveys, this evolution and transformation denotes a process of flow and change.  

We are grateful to colleague and friend Makuini Ruth Tai, Owner of Aroha Insights Ltd, writer, speaker, and Maori language (Te Reo) origins scholar, for bringing forward the essence of Sephira’s work in resonance with cycles in the natural world and from a Maori spiritual perspective. Kia ora.

Makuini Ruth Tai:

“I have used the metaphor of a tree and its parts to remind us we are electrical (light) beings with immense potential, constantly evolving and every part of the tree is a reminder of this.  Rakau means tree. Ra means light and Kau is to flow.  Rau means leaf.  Ra means light and U means sustenance, nurturing strength.

Pua means bud.  Pu means origin or source seed in a state of emergence and A is the sound of light.  Puawai means flowering or blossoming waters/spirit/song.  We are all flowering spirit.  Hua means fruit.  Hu refers to a resonance that brings forth a form and A is the sound of light. Huarahi  also has the words ara which is the light path, rahi meaning great, abundant, hi being the feminine energy. Puhi refers to the feminine essence.  Pu means the state of emerging/liberating you could say, the source seed that contains the vital hi energy. Adding a and making it puhia makes it active.

By liberating the source seed we liberate the great tree of life.  Each person is a unique Pu Rakau, also our word for Creation Tree Stories. 

Maori are told that the Supreme Seed is called IO.  This name IO reminds you to observe the seed and you will know your own greatness, your own potential.”

Waiata (song)

The Tree

Flowing Light

Immense Light


The light that strengthens me

The Leaf

A Light Carrier

Captivating Energy

Expanding Life Force

Magnifying Love


The Bud

An Evolution

Evolving Seed Source

Enlivening Life Breath

Of the Flowering Waters


The Fruit

A Resonance

Accumulating form

Acquiring light

From the Path of Abundance 

Te RakauHe Ra Kau

Ra Hi!

Ra Ho!

Te Ra-ka-u mai e 

Te Rau

He Ra u

Rau hi!

Rau ha!

Te Rau Aroha e


Te Pua

He Pu a

Pu hi!

Pu ha!

O te Pu-a-wai e


Te Hua

He Hu a

Hu i!

Hu a!

No te Hu-a-rahi e

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