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SEPHIRA INSTITUTE/EXECUTIVE leadership team Sephira Institute /Executive founders and directors Jon Winder and Diane M. Winder have extensive experience with all sized organizations in New Zealand, Australia, and America, including US Fortune 500 companies.

SEPHIRA is based in Auckland, New Zealand, operating both locally and internationally. We work in partnership with a rich diversity of leaders who wish to explore and experience new and deeper ways of enhancing human potential and leading change within organizations, communities and the wider world.

In today’s workplace professional development, leadership development and personal development are intimately linked. Our work effectively and sensitively addresses this intersection.

What distinguishes Sephira is our adherence to first principles. We view each person as a coherent individual of inseparable mind, body, spirit and soul. We perceive that the seed of greatness lies in the human heart. Our approach equips leaders to consistently use their authentic leadership to grow positive organizational cultures in which full engagement and enhanced meaning lead to people who are consistently energized for peak performance. Check out what leaders say about out work.

Wealth of experience at your service

Sephira has the benefit of extensive breadth and depth of the work we have done in partnership with organizations of all sizes and sectors, including technology, bioscience and healthcare, insurance and finance, education and social services.

We equip leaders and their teams to effect lasting changes that make a significant difference in their business, their work, their life and the world.

We do this by helping business leaders:

  • Identify, develop and implement profound new ways to navigate change, manage complexity, and meet existing and emerging challenges 
  • Present ideas, products and services more effectively with confidence and authenticity
  • Access their inherent greatness, potential and resilience
  • Enhance the capacity for full engagement and greater meaning in the workplace
  • Create opportunities for a positive future

We help you translate innovative ideas into effective, practical and immediate action.

sun_in_handsAligning strategy with deeper responsibilities

Sephira is passionate about equipping leaders, managers and teams to excel. Our methods assist you to ride the tides of change, develop resilience and lead your teams and organizations from good to outstanding.

An important part of our mission is to assist organizations to align their vision and strategies with deeper social, cultural and ecological responsibilities, and the new exciting perspectives on the spiritual dimension at work. In so doing, we seek to revitalize managerial practices and corporate strategies, while stimulating professional growth and personal renewal.

This contributes significantly to developing a positive culture at work. Positive leaders and work environments can lead to fully engaged employees who produce positive results by attaining personal meaning. This enhances their ability to contribute to the greater good of their communities and society.

All of our services, programs and initiatives are based on sound theories across multidisciplinary fields, including:

  • Organizational behavior, change and sustainability.
  • The new conscious business paradigm.
  • New leadership theories and business as a human learning organization.
  • Appreciative inquiry and positive business practices.
  • The simple premise that we all carry personal greatness that can lead to positive futures for our organizations, our communities and our world.

Our unique framework, practices and processes include practical tools to guide and assist leaders to translate their vision into greater meaning, powerful action and exceptional results.

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