Many leaders and organizations have already achieved growth and success in working with Jon Winder. Here are their independent views on the impact of our services, programs, processes and practices.

A messsage from Jon Winder: It has been a privilege and pleasure to have worked  with so many leaders over the years. Each has been unique in their vision, goals and needs. Yet all have aspired to attain their natural greatness, not only for their own personal growth and the benefit of their organisations, but also for our communities and the wider world. We appreciate the many leaders who have allowed us to include your comments here. For many more, we are also grateful to have worked together, and we’re committed to keeping your requested confidentiality. With sincere thanks, Jon

Praise for transformative results 

Many executives, leaders and organizations have already experienced the power of our partnership to transform challenges into success … and success into something even greater and rewarding in their work and lives.

Alfred Ngaro, Tamaki Community Development Trust, NZ
I appreciate your facilitation and where you led us for our vision and strategy.  I found a connection and a rhythm in the process that I could flow with. Your process quickly, and surprisingly, took us into another place that allowed both rapid engagement and effective results. I attribute our successful outcomes to the leadership of both of you and your ability to hold the wairua of the people, the process and the place. You were the right people at the right time – a gift to us all.”

Becky Ogilvie, Team Leader, Southern Cross Healthcare
“Your work has revolutionized how I approach my work. It has been a massive benefit. People have commented how calm I am and how much more discerning I am in approaching complex issues. I’ve learned how to use diplomacy and to know the importance of my words and actions. I feel so much more empowered and have a better work/life balance. There has been a vast improvement in my confidence with my team as a result of this coaching – in the past things spiralled out of control. This work has been a great investment, supporting me as team leader to deal with changes proactively as they emerge.”

Ben Barlow, General Manager Datacom
”Jon is very helpful, taking me to a perspective I hadn’t got to before. It is high value that way exceeds the cost. Jon helps me conceptualise important aspects of my life and work I need to understand. The observations are very true, providing a critical strategic viewpoint.”

Billie Teshich, Founder and Director, Optima Construction Ltd, New Zealand
“Thank you for all of your support. I feel more clarity and now understand my core relationships. There is much more calmness, allowing me to focus on core business decisions rather than just accepting what happens. I have a deeper understanding of myself, which will have an increasingly positive affect all aspects of my life and work.”

Chris van der Hor, General Manager, Marine Industry Association NZ
“Working with Jon has been extremely helpful. He helps me rebalance and refocus on where I’m going and what I’m doing. He is a unique person to bounce ideas off and helps me keep on track strategically.”

Dean Ogilvie, Associate Product Manager, Pfizer New Zealand
“With Jon, I am learning new tools. It always happens at the right time – when I need it. His coaching helps me think about my role in the business. I feel my energy change working with him and everything falls into place. There have been some big shifts internally bringing to the surface things I have known intuitively, preparing me well to perform at peak in big events and to bring these qualities into the company strategy.”

Dennis Basten, General Manager, DB Schenker
“The leadership coaching has certainly helped me in my direction. The day-to-day business is running better with improved delegation and milestones. I maintain a clear understanding of what each team needs to succeed. I’ve been supported in this work and in my strategic thinking. The validation that I am on the right track has helped me believe in myself and my direction.”

Elizabeth Celeste, Business Transformation Consultant, IBM, Boston, USA
“I have both enjoyed and appreciated this work. It has helped me to be emotionally and mentally balanced and to achieve my goals at work – including promotion. It has also helped me with my decisions and to have a greater appreciation of myself and my capacities so that I can make a difference.”

Euan MacKeller, Director, Jasmax, New Zealand
“I have made huge progress under your guidance. Now I can drop into that inner space within and know the ways to get there. You have been a rock and have provided me with exactly the right level of support and encouragement that I needed. I will benefit forever.”

Gavin Healy, Custom Publishing APN New Zealand Herald
Thank you, Jon, for all your help. Massive breakthroughs. Quite amazing.”

Geoff Arden, Owner, New Zealand Hygiene
“The value you brought was in retaining a key member of my staff. The cost of reappointing someone else was $3,000. I did not want to lose that talent. In three sessions we had her back and all previous issues we had were sorted. There is value in your being a detached guide to empower staff to be able to move through any issues and so that they become fully resourceful again. This level of professional support is important to us.”

Laura Bowlby, Director, Genentech Inc., USA
“Jon, working in partnership with you has been wonderful learning journey. I now have a clear vision of my career needs, and a value blueprint to construct the life I truly desire. Thank you very much. You have been absolutely fabulous and given me renewed confidence. I now have a workable strategy.”

Lorraine Warshaw, CEO @Heart, New Zealand
“If you want change at the speed of thought, work with Jon Winder! His processes and practices are highly effective for accurate decision-making, and achieving goals and success with meaning and purpose. Thank you Jon for the collaboration and the results.”

Melanie Purdy, Team Leader Advisor, Medical Assurance Society, NZ
I always come away from our meetings with useful tools and renewed clarity as to my direction. You carry a peace about you that is infectious. The work you have done with me is of great value. You’ve made a difference.  I used the ideas we talked about to get my current job. This work has also made me more reflective about my leadership and communication style which has lifted to a new level.  I feel lighter and clearer.  I believe in what you do.”

Peter Laurent, Team Leader, Southern Cross HealthCare, New Zealand
“I’ve gain more clarity and coherence. The complex issues are now more under control. I use more forethought and am more proactive in management with greater delegation which gives me time to think about the complexity. Jon has helped takes the stressors out of my work life and to unscramble things that were previously issues. It has been a powerful process.”

Peter Sykes, CEO, Mangere East Family Services Centre, New Zealand
“Jon is one of the few people with enough confidence and professional maturity to work with our teams and help our story emerge.  Now we’re successfully working towards our 5 year plan with him.”

Roy Johnson, Corporate Business Broker, NZ
“This work is legendary. Every leader should know about it and benefit from it. It’s multifaceted, integrated and simply extraordinary.”

Stephen Kattan, Regional Manager, Allied Concrete New Zealand
“This work helped me evaluate my role with the company and what I offer, to fully understand the impact I bring at every level. Definitely, this work helped with the strategic view, as well supporting critical decisions. The relationship has been timely in what it has brought to me as well as increasing the value I bring to the company.”

Yvonne Mclean, Founder/Director, Strategic Directions, Auckland
“Thank your encouragement in developing my business. The biggest breakthrough has been dealing with people I would have previously found difficulty in confronting. After working with you, I am feeling a new vibrancy and sense of being completely at peace within myself. I am voicing myself much more powerfully. It is a liberating experience. I really value your input and insights that help me get everything into their perspective.”

Phil Ker, CEO, Otago Polytech, New Zealand
You come with an impressive array of credentials. Your depth and breadth of knowledge and seasoned, integrated expertise puts you squarely in the master coach camp – important criteria for any senior manager or leader. Thank you very much Jon. You have been absolutely fabulous – a real external catalyst and powerful resource in the process of getting things done through strategic focus from a concerned yet detached professional.”

Sharon Andrews, Centre Director, New Zealand
Working with Jon has helped me feel supported in my role as Centre Director.  I have noticed a large internal shift and am less constrained by time. It is a weight that has disappeared as I don’t feel the need to push now – I can be in the moment. Previously, I often felt in a panic and felt I had 1000 hats, with so many things to do.  Now I create space to get things done.  Jon has helped me to be more focused and feel more joy at work, even my speech has slowed down; I’m noticing more and pausing more during the day.  I am more connected and peaceful; before I needed to prove myself to achieve. It’s good to be more decisive and confident, no longer pretending to be something.” 

What More Leaders Are Saying …

CEO, New Zealand
“Working with Jon has been enormously useful.  Jon has a way of bringing my thinking to the surface so that I am more conscious of what I want to do. This has significantly helped my decision-making process. In these uncertain times, Jon’s strategic decision-making process has been a critical factor in seeing the way forward.

“I find Jon Winder’s work to be brilliant and exceptional. My team’s work with top U.S. companies depends on using the latest, leading-edge processes and practices. Jon uses a powerful and unique blend of professional coaching techniques, wisdom from many sources of conventional and non-conventional knowledge, and years of life experience to support my role as a leader, my capacity for strategic focus, and our outstanding company performance.
I’ve learned new approaches to achieve our goals through creativity and the innovative use of proven theories in quantum physics, dialogue, and organizational change. Those wanting greater clarity in the vision and mission of their enterprise, exceptional results, as well as greater fulfillment in life would benefit immensely from working with Jon.”

Senior Manager, New Zealand
“It’s uplifting working with Jon.  It is people like him who are leading the change movement.  He is able to show how a new level of consciousness can be applied to business, and this makes a difference.  It is hard to quantify the value of this and the other skills he brings such as visioning, intuition and his powerful strategic thinking processes.  The value is really in the 3-degree shift that occurs.  This makes all the difference to business prosperity and to the well being of all involved.”  

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