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Here is where you will find news and events for the work of Jon Winder.

“Positive companies aren’t born. They are developed by positive leaders.  And when you build a positive business, culture drives behaviour and behaviour drives habits.” 
-Jon Gordon, The Positive Business Manifesto


4 April 2013 – Brown-Bag Leadership Lunch Seminar with Jon Winder
The Power of Authentic Leadership
The ICEHOUSE – Auckland, New Zealand (closed)


June 17 2010 – 8.00am – GreenPlanetfm Radio 104.6 (open)
Conscious Leadership

GreenPlanetFM with Tim Lynch: “Jon Winder of the Sephira institute in Auckland NZ is involved in change manage around human dimensions of how people interact, translating organisational and personal vision into action and understanding of how to create a culture of consciousness. What is consciousness and how do we remain conscious and linked to the universal field? Listen to an experienced practitioner and facilitator share how we can grow conscious leadership for today and tomorrow.”


November 2009 – Resilient Leaders
Hibiscus Link, North Auckland, New Zealand (open)

November 2009 – The Alchemy of Abundance
ICF – International Coach Federation
St. Columba Centre, Auckland, New Zealand (closed)

November 2009 – Resilient Leaders
Parnell Rotary, Auckland, New Zealand (closed)

October 2009 – Emerging Leaders
School Leaders Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand (closed)

August 2009 – Resilient Leaders
Auckland Rotary, Auckland, New Zealand (closed)

August 2009 – Resilient Leaders
Hibiscus Link, North Auckland New Zealand (open)

June 2009 – Resilient Leaders
Downtown Rotary, Auckland New Zealand (closed)



April 1, 2008 – The Power of Intuition
ICF – International Coach Federation
Auckland New Zealand (closed)


April 2007 – Powerful Leadership
Youth Rotary, Long Bay, New Zealand (closed)

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