Innovative Meta-Services
& Programs for
Mission-Focused Leaders

We provide a customized, integrated and full-spectrum response to your unique, evolutionary vision, goals and needs.

Our continuum of services increase in breadth and depth for executives and leaders as they discover, define, refine or remake their vision, strategy, purpose, plans and priorities in response to new or evolving leadership, organizational, or global issues. 



All of our professional consulting, transformative programs, and executive mentoring engagements work to exceed the needs of our clients for both practical, effective action and broader, high-impact outcomes. 

Our work is tailor-fit for leaders and organizations ready to:

  • Translate vision into powerful action and greater meaning organizationally, locally and globally
  • Align strategy with deeper social, cultural, economic and environmental responsibilities
  • Link organizational values with personal values and aspirations that effect powerful change
  • Balance and stimulate powerful business growth – organizational and professional growth, personal renewal, and alignment following business acquisitions
  • Transformative learning that provide the diamond-edge to crystal-clear thinking and decision-making

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