Professional Consulting Services

We offer customized consulting services to support leaders and all-sized organizations to thrive in today’s business climate and times of transition and change.

One of our key services is The Organizational Audit, which provides a valuable and comprehensive audit of your current business situation from a seasoned and independent viewpoint. Leaders gain a comprehensive understanding of the ways in which the vision, mission and strategy translate into effective action; the business health of teams and the coherence of the culture; and the effectiveness of leadership on individuals, teams and the performance of the organization.

The Organizational Audit

How well is your business meeting its capacity and potential?

Using a number of observational tools, The Organizational Audit provides an accurate snapshot of current business effectiveness. This gives senior leaders, and Governance, a vital, clear map of where the business is and the means to grow it beyond their expectations.

The scope and depth of the Audit will always be established by senior leaders of the organization in order to provide the specific information needed for their decision process toward improvement strategies.

The Organizational Audit provides a vital, clear map, and a comprehensive understanding of the following:

  • The current robustness of the business – in its market effectiveness, brand awareness and customer satisfaction
  • The effectiveness of its business systems
  • How well the business is run from governance, senior leadership, managerial and team perspectives
  • How well the business is meeting its capacity and potential
  • Possible roadblocks, as well as new opportunities

Many important “people issues” can be brought to light by The Organizational Audit:

  • The capacity of the business to be a Learning Organization and to grow its knowledge
  • How well staff are able to use their talents, innovation and creative skills
  • The robustness of relationships and EQ (emotional) levels – internally/externally
  • How powerfully people are engaged in their work
  • The effectiveness of internal/external communications
  • The level of customer satisfaction
  • The cultural health of the organisation and how this culture promotes productivity and the general wellness of the business

While not a financial audit, The Organizational Audit can be used in parallel to that. The senior team uses this understanding to better recognize what is working, what needs to be done, and key ways to create improvements to get the results they want.

The audit reveals strengths, as well as areas to work on.  It will provide a number of recommendations and pathways for improvement with suggested timelines.

The value of this work is immense – not only for the company’s leadership but also for the ability of the business to successfully implement its vision, key strategies and business objectives. 

Using a trained, seasoned observer who is an impartial, yet concerned advocate for the growth of the organization, may often reveal information that is difficult for a member of the leadership team, or internal human resource professional to attain.

If you have an interest in how the audit can be of value in your organization, please contact us for an obligation-free conversation about your needs.

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