Culture & The Company Soul


& The Company Soul

Inherently the most significant part of a company is ‘the cultural engine’ that drives what really happens in the business. Many years ago Dell’s culture depended on revealing its ‘company soul’ to become more than a great financial company – they wanted to be a great company. “What do great companies have? They have a culture. They have a leadership model. They have a reason or a purpose that attracts people beyond the financial rewards. A company needs more to weather the ups and downs. CEO Kevin Rollins called this The Soul of Dell.” *

Any proposed structural or strategic change will only occur successfully when the culture is in alignment with the direction of the change.

When the need for Re-Culturing arises

If there are areas of development that can be achieved in the business culture then this re-culturing program will be highly useful. This might include:

  • Establishing essential ground rules based on organizational values
  • Building emotional resiliency
  • Supporting the well-being of staff
  • Creating capacity for appreciation
  • Providing quality feedback
  • Maintaining communication flow
  • Assisting openness to change
  • Understanding and moving through any blocks or barriers to high performance

* Source: Can Kevin Rollins Find the Soul of Dell? Fast Company issue 64, page 110, November 2002

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