Envisioning New Futures

sun_in_handsEnvisioning New Futures

In order for a company to envision a new future, its vision and values must ‘live’ in the hearts and minds of every person in the business. When each individual holds a deep understanding of the vision and its relationship to their role and responsibilities, they are better able to align the company vision with their own personal aspirations. The whole company can then move forward and grow towards a positive new future.

Every person in your business needs a deep understanding of the company’s ‘life purpose’, identity and values. Without this critical foundation, the risk of confusion, false-starts or poor performance can inhibit the execution of the best-made strategy and plans.

  • Is your organization able to renew itself to achieve superior, enduring performance?
  • Is everyone able to clearly state the vision, and what it means to them, their relationship with customers, and their responsibilities in the company?
  • Are all of your people – from the leadership team to your junior staff – aligned with your vision, and your values?
  • Is it time to re-look at your vision and create a new story for your organization?

Envisioning New Futures is a high-impact, practical and innovative experience aimed at helping leaders and organizations cultivate a ‘living’ vision and strategy that sets the organization apart, captures its uniqueness and allows it to thrive in its market.

Re-thinking your vision does not mean your organization’s vision necessarily has to change. Whether redefined or not, re-thinking your organization’s vision will make the difference between one that’s stagnant (a framed document on the wall) and one that’s alive in the hearts and minds of everyone in the company.

What Envisioning New Futures offers you

Envisioning New Futures equips leaders to achieve significant outcomes:

  • Raising the potential of your teams through re-enlivening the vision.
  • Equipping your organization to create, re-create or restore an inspiring vision that has coherence and meaning throughout the business
  • Identifying the ‘blind spots’ that no longer serve the organization.

New thinking to help set your purpose and core values in context by engaging in a dialogue about the future and how to achieve the organization’s goals in practical ways.

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