Breakthrough Program

breakthrough programThe Breakthrough Program

Leaders, managers and teams must function at top-level effectiveness as they play their part in the future of their organization.

The sole focus of The Breakthrough Program is to develop synergy and high performance within teams that are looking to boost their communication, openness, creativity, customer orientation and top performance.

  • How do you keep your organization, people and yourself vibrant and strong?
  • How can your organization be a good place to work and remain prosperous?
  • How can you build harmony if you have fragmentation occurring in a core team?
  • How can you build more resilient teams who effectively communicate and consistently perform?

Breakthrough is a high-powered, practical team building and learning experience and one-on-one executive coaching and learning experience. It is aimed at shaping organizational success by cultivating the capacity of leaders and teams.  The Program equips team members with in-depth skills and knowledge, as well as insights and new solutions.

Breakthrough can help leaders and teams build a robust framework that can be used reliably to:

  • Enhance strategic and critical thinking
  • Improve communication at all levels
  • Test challenging decisions in difficult situations
  • Cultivate authentic leadership

Addressing external and internal challenges

Even the most experienced and seasoned leaders can find it challenging to maintain productive and successful teams. They can feel constrained and confined, pushed by events, speed, pressures and behaviors that rarely lead to the outcomes they want.

While many of these pressures are external, some are interior issues within the leader’s control. They raise compelling questions of integrity, transformation and courage. How do we lift our leadership? What are the blind spots that no longer serve us or our teams? How do we sustain change?

Breakthrough can work with these issues in a way that enhances capability, respects individuality and brings out the best in all team members.

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