Leadership Forum


The Leadership Forum

Growing optimal senior team capacity for organizational growth and success. 

As a senior leader, have you ever made a note to yourself: ‘Someday’ you would bring your senior team together for a super-charged learning experience that would:

  • Support them to be a resilient team that’s able to meet future challenges
  • Carry the vision, strategies, core values and principles into their team, others and clients relationships
  • Support them to be ‘their authentic selves’ in all relationships inside and outside the team
  • Find ways to keep your teams vibrant and forward thinking

The Leadership Forum calls on senior team members to develop their own innate strengths, their authentic voice, as well as their knowledge, experience and commitment to work with inspiration, clarity and innovation.

This is a high-powered, practical group learning experience that includes skillful senior team facilitation and follow-up one-to-one mentoring support.

The Leadership Forum works two powerful ways:

  1. A whole team exploration and development of skills and talents
  2. An individualized support system for each team member through personal executive mentoring and coaching

This senior leader program provides these benefits:

  • A robust, focused off-site experience that enhances strategic and critical thinking
  • Improved communication that tests challenging decisions in the toughest of situations
  • Team coherence as part of a vibrant company culture that both embraces the company’s vision and maps new emerging opportunities

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