Strategic Navigation


Strategic Navigation

After culture and vision, the company’s strategy maps the route to optimal business growth and success.

  • During this current economic climate, are your people able to translate the company’s vision into new and effective strategic actions?
  • With the Global Financial Crisis and its aftermath, is your organization capable of revisiting its strategy, readjusting and re-inspiring people and their mind-sets for a different future?

The Strategic Navigation Program provides three important maps

1     Strategic Planning Map – this is a big picture map that translates the vision to strategy, putting the vision into a clear business framework that sets the direction.

2     Strategic Management Map – this defines how the plan can be managed equipping leaders to set in place plans, tactics and actions that ensure company profitability and success.

3     Strategic Implementation Map – this provides the operational structure that delivers tangible results.

The Strategic Navigation Program:

  • Supports your organization to choose its destination, chart the route it will take and decide what is required for a successful journey.
  • Helps you to adopt strategic management practices where the company implements systemic processes towards achieving its aims.
  • Requires a thorough stock-take of current capacity and resources, creating new opportunities and the necessary framework for successful business operation.

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