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Jon Winder’s work, including his consulting and executive coaching models and strategies, are unprecedented in this field.

Executive coaching is largely unregulated, so how do you know you’re choosing the right coach? Solid credentials and experience, combined with high-impact results help ensure you’ll be working with someone who’s backed by years of success with hundreds of leaders of diverse backgrounds, cultures and countries. Whether sessions are done in person, on the phone, at your office, or a neutral site, you will experience advanced strategy sessions with exceptional outcomes in the first, and every, meeting.

Results tell the story

  • A senior manager makes the successful transition to CEO, effectively manages an economic crisis, and builds an effective and enduring social, economic and environmental strategy for a thriving institution.
  • A senior architect finds his authentic voice, creates a new senior-level position, raises his salary by $30,000, champions sustainability initiatives within his firm, suppliers and clients.
  • A seasoned business consultant makes the successful transition to small business owner, sidesteps a health crisis and dramatically improves family and business relationships. Transformative practices help him make a greater difference in shaping enterprises that are not only successful economically, but more conscious, compassionate and sustainable.
  • An experienced attorney moves through a ‘perfect storm’ of a life, work and health crisis, saving thousands in prescription medications, re-establishes better work relationships, finds the soul of her work and sets on a path to a greater mission.
  • A Fortune 500 director aligns personal and professional values, finds greater meaning in her work, happiness in her family, and is able to offer a higher standard of compassionate service with her colleagues and clients.

 What Distinguishes Jon’s Work

  1. Rapid results, speed to action – Leaders are busy people and need results quickly. With over three decades of transformational change work with leaders across a wide range of business and institutional sectors, Jon equips leaders to get to the heart of the issue. His attention to leader’s needs and people’s interactions in organizations has given him a master capacity to recognize and facilitate the transformation of behaviors that contribute to leadership ‘blind spots.’
  2. Specific techniques to clear leadership ‘blind spots’ – Over many years working with colleagues and thought leaders, Jon has developed specific and relevant techniques to enhance management performance from the inside out. The application of these inner dimension techniques serve to clear ‘blind spots’ in leadership and management. Leaders learn to develop the skill-sets – the familiar mind-set, and the unfamiliar heart-set and spirit-set, critical for exceptional leadership today.
  3. Leader in new leadership, accelerated learning, whole brain science – One of the first New Zealand consultant to study and implement the newest advances in leadership, learning, human behavior, cognition and potential, Jon’s latest research into the field of human consciousness, full engagement and spirit at work is preparing leaders to move beyond effectiveness into greatness.
  4. Safe zone to download, listen, access, act– The familiar phrase “It’s lonely at the top” has never been more relevant. In the midst of struggles to run organizations today, leaders are gutsy, strong and know what’s needed to push forward. It can get tiring, and there are times when doubt creeps in. An effective strategic thinking partner creates a safe zone for working through issues and new strategies in total confidence at your own pace. Through skillful and seasoned facilitation, you can safely download issues, listen deeply, access inner knowing, and then take brand-new action back to work. This process can mean the difference between timely, effective decision-making or increased delay and risk.
  5. Deep listening and dialogue practices – For decades, Jon has been employing deep listening skills and dialogue practices that move us from hearing the objective world of things, facts and figures, to a deep understanding of the person, to an even deeper source of knowing. Jon’s exceptional skill draws on decades of listening with an open mind, heart and character of spirit.
  6. Coach to Coaches – Coaches, entrepreneurs, and high profilers worldwide have worked with Jon’s seasoned expertise to attain incomparable results in their leadership and organizations.
  7. Lightpoint™ Framework for transformative thinking and leadership excellence –Deep, empathic and generative listening brings forward perfect questions that spark leaders to have ‘ah-ha’ moments. Here is where the process of transformation can become the ground of lasting change. Where the leader’s capacity for gaining insights and generating new solutions to difficult and risky problems can expand in new and creative directions. This is the kind of innovative thinking and consciousness that can transform a leader, a business, a team, a life.

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